Character For Your Home

"Bernalese" is a retail concept which builds upon the eclectic notion that many aspects of collecting and acquiring are melded together to create a home.
Our flagship retail store is located in the heart of Bernal Heights, San Francisco, California, at 307 Cortland Ave. We are open Tuesday - Sunday and look forward to seeing you!
A wide array of vintage and contemporary items are available exclusively in-store for purchase. A limited, curated assortment of merchandise is also available for sale on eBay.


307 Cortland Ave

San Francisco, CA 94110


Antique...of or belonging to the past.
Vintage, collectible, the ultimate recyclable.
Whether it is the cookie jar that rested on your grandmother's
kitchen counter...
...the mid-century coffee table; or the Victorian candlestick...these items
are what make a house a home.
They speak of personality,...
...history and aesthetic, combining to give your home that special character.


Not just a houseware with utility, but an item that supports its function with style, simplicity of purpose, and a bit of craft & creativity. A "homeware". Maybe it is locally produced or coming from afar, but it carries a special quality that contributes to making your house your home. These items fold gently into the fabric and character of our daily lives.

Kitchen Utility

Dining Ware

Cooking & Baking